Bootstrap Classes

Bootstrap Classes

Bootstrap is the newest technology in the IT industry these days. It integrates a broad framework of HTML, CSS basic and advanced tools, alongwith JavaScript design template features. It is basically employed in order to build up innovative websites plus web applications of different kinds.

It is an open source software, which is made available worldwide by Twitter, to create responsive webpages and electronic device-friendly apps, at no cost. Its responsive composition easily adjusts to different screen sizes of mobiles, tabs, computer desktops, laptops etc. It is highly compatible with a majority of mainstream browsers.

At Sphere, we have introduced this recently arrived technology under our Bootstrap training course program. We have with us, highly qualified, knowledgeable and experienced personnel from the IT field, who will make you skilled at Bootstrap, by coaching you on the fundamental as well as advanced level of Bootstrap tools.

You will be made aware of the software, with the aid of live hands-on projects, which will gradually make you familiar with implementing the diverse techniques of Bootstrap online. The training classes by experts will teach you how to utilize various design templates of Bootstrap for executing various functions on the website such as navigation structure, extensions, typeface, customization of web pages, designing eye-catching interfaces, layouts by using forms, buttons, tables and so on.

The course module & syllabus takes account of:

  • Fundamentals of Bootstrap
  • Its Set up and features
  • Types of Grid systems of Bootstrap
  • Typography
  • Tables and Lists
  • Images
  • Icons and alerts
  • Navigation
  • Responsive CSS designing tools
  • HTML templates
  • Bootstrap Layouts with Labels, Multimedia, Dropdown menus, Headings etc
  • Plug-ins of JavaScript
  • Bootstrap terminology
  • Settings and Policies
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