Basic Computer Classes for Beginners in East Delhi Laxmi Nagar

Web Training India offers basic computer classes & training’s in the institute located in laxmi nagar Delhi, it’s never been easier to get the best teaching and trainer you need to learn computers. Here we will expend a small time importance some of the simple courses that are available for learners, including programs on Paint, Notepad, MS-office, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint,  treating and the Internet.

Basic Computers Course Duration – 3 Months
Computer training Fees – Rs. 4000/-

Basic Computer Classes Course Content

Short Term Computer Course

Desktop publishing

Tally with GST

Website Design with HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 4.0

  1. Introduction to Computer
  2. Uses of Computer in our daily life
  3. Windows operating system 7, 8, 8.1 & 10
  4. Understanding Computer Concepts
  5. Different Computers Type
  6. Different Parts Of Computers & their uses
  7. Using Windows Operating System
  8. How to use Shortcut of computers
  9. Latest Tips & Tricks in Computers
  10. Protect your Computer
  11. Hidden Files & Folder
  12. Locking the Folders
  13. Concepts of Computer
  14. How to do typing computers.

How to Use Internet & e-Commerce

  1. Creating Email Accounts for Gmail / Yahoo / Outlook
  2. How to use Facebook
  3. Understating Video Call / Voice Call
  4. Download images, videos
  5. Online Reservation
  6. How to do online Shopping
  7. Checking Results
  8. How to do searching in various search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing
  9. How to Download Software
  10. How to use digital medium for Online Study

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