Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC is an abbreviation for PAY Per Click, a marketing tool used for promoting one’s website or business. It is an advertising model in which advertisers pay each time when their ad gets clicked by the user. This type of advertising rests on the keywords which have its own value.

In today’s scenario most of the audience is connected to internet in way or the other and instead of selling products or services to users they themselves are searching for it online, here PPC comes into relevance, as the advertisers will show specific ads to the target user and according to his/her need he/she may click to the advertisement and land on advertiser website.

Pay per click is used for all type of marketing goals:

Lead generation:

It is used for lead generation, sometimes a user might visit the site by clicking an advertisement but doesn’t buy any product/service he/she might give some personal information like email id, etc., he/she can be a potential customer if taken regular follow up.

Brand awareness

It can be brand promoter, as there is no monopoly of big brands on internet anybody can build repo of its own by using PPC as an handy tool, not only the listing of one’s company is there user can value its decision based on other competitive skills taken on board by the advertisers. PPC helps advertisers to stand different from competition by displaying their ads on the top 10 list of the search results page.

Sales generation

By displaying ads above the search result possibilities of having sales gets maximum, it is so because the users look for the easiest way to reach or we can say minimum to effort to reach solution for their problem. Hence, they go for the first results leading to sale of products or services of the advertisers

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