Top 101 SEO Tips to rank your website in google search and other major search engine for the year 2020

Top 101 SEO Tips to rank your website in google search and other major search engines for the year 2020

1. Thinks to keep in mind while registering a Domain name

2. Which hosting is best and important, things to keep in mind for purchasing Hosting – Use dedicated IP if possible, Avoid Bad Neighbors

3. Selection of Themes & Design

4. The website should be Mobile Friendly

  • Check your website resolution in different mobile frames

  • Run google mobile-friendly test

  • Check your mobile speed using different tools

  • Do Google mobile speed test

  • Test your mobile website on different resolutions

  • Check your CTA on mobile are visible and easy to access

5. Speed of Websites matters – Maintain the Page loading speed of your web pages

6. Landing Page Design matters it should be professional & SEO Friendly

7. Create as many landing pages as you can it will rank your page in search engine

8. Install SSL and make sure that your website has HTTPS

9. Why we need to Optimize the website’s logo

10. Optimize favicon – it helps in ranking and in brand promotion

11. Optimize your Title Tag – make SEO friendly title between 50 to 60 characters

12. Description – Make unique and rich meta descriptions it will boost your organic CTR. The description should be between 150 to 160 characters

13. Tip to use Keywords & Other meta tags on your website or not

14. Check your Competitors Website frequently

15. Do fruit full Keyword Research and Analysis – Maintain your Keyword Choice and Keyword Selection, Use High commercial Keywords, Use Long-tail keywords

16. Optimize URL for SEO – Use your keyword in our URL, Make your URL Short, Use Keyword in URL, don’t use “#” in URLs

17. Tips & features of the Permalink Structure

18. What are the benefits of the clear Navigation structure

19. Use proper internal Linking

20. Add Breadcrumbs to Your Pages its benefits and advantages

21. Tips to write content for the website – Content is King – Write unique content – Develop more fresh and more relevant high-quality content, Make your content plagiarism-free

22. Optimize your content for SERP intent

23. Tips for Optimize your content to rank in featured snippets

24. Maintain keyword density or keyword frequency

25. Use of Proximity between two keyword

26. Use of prominence while developing content – Use your target keyword in the first 100 words, Make sure to your target keyword must include in your first paragraph and last paragraph

27. Use synonyms or LSI keywords on your page

28. Must-Have Blog section on your website and update it regularly

29. Write Effective Headlines and Subheadings

30. How to Use H1, H2, H3, H4 tag for the main title of the page

31. Tips Why you need FAQ in your Website

32. Image Optimization

  • Use original images
  • Image Name matters
  • Compress your image
  • Use Proper Alt Tag

33. Create a dedicated image sitemap and submit it to Google

34. Optimize your videos and other multimedia elements (with proper schema)

35. Create a dedicated Video sitemap and submit it to Google

36. Use infographics component properly

37. Show your phone number on your website

38. Use the live chat to your site

39. Use Schema markup to get star-based reviews for you in organic search

40. Add structured data mark-up data to your homepage

41. Test your structured data mark-up implementation

42. Make your pages and post shareable

43. Do Local SEO

44. Apply Technical SEO

45. SEO is an ongoing process do it regularly. Check all your pages and make changes according to new updates.

46. Remove unnecessary and hidden tags from your website

47. Check for broken internal links

48. Check your bounce rate and make it as low as possible

49. The focus of Voice search is growing very fast

50. Use structure markup and schema properly has a major impact

51. Use schema implementation for breadcrumbs

52. Make XML Site Map – Optimize your XML sitemap and submit it to major Search engines

53. Resolve 301 & 302 redirects

54. Resolve Canonical Issue all pages should redirect to one page

55. Resolve & design 404 errors page

56. Optimize robots.txt file

57. Submit your website in Google Webmaster – Fetch your website in google webmaster

58. Check sitemap errors in Google Search Console

59. Implement Bing Webmaster tools

60. Implement hreflang in your website if your website is available in more than one language

61. Constantly check the health of your website
a. Health check
b. Critical errors
c. Warnings
d. Recommendations

62. Try to Avoid Popups and Pop-under on your pages

63. Focus on visitors & their attention with a clear headline and title tag

64. Perform A/B Testing on Your Landing Page
a. With and without testimonials
b. With and without photos
c. With short or full quotes
d. With few or many testimonials

65. Frequently Check for your brand name on Google

66. Optimize your Content or post for Google featured snippets using bullets or lists

67. Don’t include form if you don’t need

68. Don’t Use Music in your web pages as it increases the loading time

69. Don’t lie to your customer, try to build trust with your customers

70. Don’t create multiple pages for similar keyword search terms

71. Don’t use Duplicate content as it hurts your ranking

72. Avoid and Don’t use in-line CSS

73. Don’t do lead generation with the intention to spam

74. When you migrate from HTTP to HTTPS, change your internal links structure to HTTPS

75. Add breadcrumbs to your website

76. Use Emojis, emojis play a big role in local search

77. Use Analytics and stat counters to monitor your search query

78. Use Social Icons on your website

79. Use the certification and brand logo of your clients

80. Use testimonials on your website

81. Always have terms & condition and privacy policy on your webpage

82. Allow users to leave a review to increase the content of your pages – Encourage user to leave a review

83. Make sure that all comment links are ‘no follow’

84. List your website in Bing and Google places

85. Register your company with Google My Business

86. Reply to each and every Review received by your clients

87. Use Schema to give more information about your local business to Google

88. Add a Google map to your contact us page

89. Do your keyword research and change it as google changes

90. Regularly check for Google penalties

91. Tips to use social media wisely & safely

92. Use all major social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, etc for the social profile

93. Built high-quality backlinks with Relevant, High Authority Websites

94. Learn link building and its need and importance

95. Understand the difference between a good link and a bad link, between white hat and black hat link building, the difference between normal links and ‘no follow’ links

96. Review your link profile regularly to identify and remove bad links use the google disavow tool

97. Monitor your audience using google analytics and webmaster

98. Keep yourself calm Ranking doesn’t come in a day or two

99. Don’t be overconfident

100. Do Keyword Research

101. Don’t use the exact match keyword

102. Use keyword clustering helps to get rank for a different keyword on the same page

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