Website development as a career

If a person loves to take in sporty way then web development is the right career for the person as it gives the person to challenge himself/herself and act according to changing rules of World Wide Web. Website development is never ending process there are constant changes whether related to rules or safety. There is always a demand for website or adding features to the website, sometimes due to new entrants, sometimes new products or services, sometimes it is due to adding more features to the old website. Website development is not a difficult task but not a piece of cake that everyone can make. Web developers use their technical skills to make sites secure and error free and there is always a constant need for the changes and hence they are never out of requirement.

3 types of works:

Backend development: technical construction of website, they create basic framework of website and making sure that it work according to expectations.

Front end development: they work on website looks and feels, they work on making website more interactive and user friendly, they make website layout and integrate graphics and applications.

Webmasters: they work along the website constantly to keep it updated and error free.

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