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User Interface and user experience designing is user centric. Your designs should be creative and speaks in itself for what it is designed and how it works?

This course gives you in depth knowledge of tools and techniques that help you to exactly put down your craft with its smooth flow with the functionality.

User interface/experience design is a foundation of any website or applications. This UI/UX course will help you to evaluate

  • What user needs
  • How to design models and interface with each other
  • And in the end, how to evaluate that the user goals are met

Why to take this course:

  • You can create own websites and earn with advertisements
  • Can work as Web Designer for a Company
  • Can working as Freelancer for other companies
  • Work on online projects from Freelance websites

Course Content

How to Create Graphics: Using a graphics editor through which aspirant can learn to create and enhance photographs, images, illustrations, 3D artworks. It enriched with each possible tool to give your imaginations shape and size.

How to Create LOGO ICONS: Give you in depth knowledge of how to Create logos, icons, sketches, typography and other vector art.

Use of HTML: We make you familiar and easy to go with htmls, it’s a web design and development application that lets you design, code and publish websites and applications.

HTML 5(Hypertext Markup Language): This module expertise you in HTML 5 elements, attributes, headings, styles, formatting, quotations, links, images etc. and few other features like Drag & drop, geo location, web storage. You will be able to create full-fledged HTML page or website after the completion of this module.

CSS3(Cascading Style Sheet): This module will help you in learning best practices of creating style sheets, responsive designs, styling grids, forms, fonts and various CSS layouts. As well as we help you in learning how to integrate CSS with HTML.

Bootstrap5: This module lets you learn how to use prebuilt styles, classes and components of bootstrap to your existing web applications and sites with HTML and CSS. As well as how to use bootstrap themes.

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