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How WordPress is Best CMS and Why You Should Use It?

WordPress is the world’s extremely popular content management system. Initially launched as a blogging platform back in 2003, WordPress now powers 35.2% of all websites and controls an immense 35.2% of the known content management system market.

Some prominent examples of famous entities using WordPress for all, or part, of their web presence are:


ii. Sony Mobile

iii. University of Washington

iv. Mercedes Benz

v. TechCrunch

vi.The New Yorker

WordPress Advantages

a. Ease of use – WordPress is considerably more user-friendly, mainly for non-developers.

b.Extensibility – WordPress’ third-party theme and plugin communities make it equally easy to extend WordPress without the requirement for custom development. Some people also claim that, with the right extensions, WordPress can do anything that Drupal can do.

c.Ease of getting help – WordPress’ enormous global community means that it’s easy to find support for any issues that you run into.

d.Lower development costs – WordPress offers further “out of the box” solutions and WordPress developers are generally more affordable.

WordPress Ease of Use And Learning Curve

WordPress makes it considerably easier to go from “zero” to a“fully functioning website that appears good.”

With WordPress, it’s achievable to find a niche-specific theme and have a working site all in an afternoon’s work (obviously more complex projects are unlikely to be finished in an afternoon).

What’s more, the WordPress interface is easy for even truly casual users to quickly grasp. And tools like the WYSIWYG Theme Customizer and the upcoming Gutenberg editor only make it even simpler for casual users to make meaningful and unique content.

How Many Plugins and Themes Does WordPress Have?

While the few numbers of extensions don’t essentially mean WordPress is better, it is a good indicator of the size and significance of the third-party WordPress ecosystem.

WordPress has:

53,000+ free plugins are available with thousands of more premium plugins.

5,000+ free themes are available with thousands of more premium themes.

WordPress Security

While the WordPress core itself is protected, WordPress’ massive third-party ecosystem announces a ton of wildcards that aren’t as prevalent in other CMS sites.

According to one survey from Wordfence, plugin vulnerabilities accounted for a huge 55.9% of all known entry points for nasty actors. And overall, WordPress is one of the content management system used by 74% of the hacked websites that Sucuri analyzed.

While WordPress’ number should logically be higher because of its popularity, WordPress’ market share is only 59.8%, so the statistic that WordPress accounts for 74% of hacked websites in Sucuri’s analysis is still greater than you’d expect. Done right, WordPress is protected. But the fact that WordPress relies so greatly on third-party extensions does make it more vulnerable.

WordPress should be the default tool for most people to build a website because:

i. It’s user-friendly and simple for non-developers to add functionality.

ii. You can rapidly create an attractive and functional website.

iii. It’s simple to find both free and professional help.

That doesn’t mean WordPress is the only tool for all situations – just that it’s the best tool for majority situations.

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