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What is Technical SEO? Why is it important and how to do it.

A good SEO strategy includes on-page & off-page SEO + Technical SEO. But According to a study, still a vast number of sites are stick to only on-page and off-page factors of SEO without working on Technical SEO factors.

So, you might be thinking.

  1. What Technical SEO is.
  2. What are the Elements of Technical SEO.
  3. How it is different from our Traditional SEO techniques.
  4. Why is it so important.

Definition Of Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the process of improving and optimizing the technical characteristics of your website for crawling and indexing to increase the ranking of its pages in search engine result pages (SERP’s).

It is called as technical as it has no relation with the on-page & off-page SEO techniques. The main object of technical SEO is to optimize and enhance the structure of your website.

Elements Of Technical SEO

Three pillars of technical SEO are:

  1. Performance
    • Optimize Website Load Time.
    • Use Responsive Design.
    • Keep CSS light & clean.
    • Create Breadcrumbs.
  2. Crawling
    • Identify crawl errors with crawl report.
    • Create XML Sitemap.
    • Optimize 404 Page.
    • SSL & HTTPS.
  3. Indexation

How Technical SEO is Different From Common SEO Techniques

Technical SEO is moreover a part of On-page SEO but on the other hand there are some technicalities related to technical SEO for which you need some technical knowledge of website structure and its creation. While on the opposite side Off-page SEO is totally different from technical SEO, one does not need to have any specific knowledge to perform off-page seo tasks.

Technical SEOOn-Page SEOOff-Page SEO
Responsive DesigningHTML TagsBacklink Generation
Sitemap ImplementationContent CreationPress Release
Site Structure & Crawl errorsSEO Images & Other MediaGuest Posting
Robots.txtURL OptimizationDirectory Submission

Why Technical SEO is important

Creating good and unique content doesn’t matters if no one can find and read it. Search engines algorithm or Search engine bots are upgrading day by day making them better at crawling, indexing and understanding all data about your website but still they are just a piece of coding and that’s why they are not perfect.

Just writing good content and waiting for the fruit of patience is not going to give you any rich results.

Wrong SEO implementation can be bad for your website and will leave all of your efforts in vain. This is why technical SEO is so important to rank No. 1 on organic search resuts.


Performing technical SEO and optimizing your site is hard but not impossible for that doing an audit of your website is a great start but still the term technical means you need to have some technical knowledge to make things work properly.

Note down all the errors and make a list of improvements you can make to your website.

Once done with optimization and making all technical SEO aspects right, you won’t have to deal with all these problems again.

If you need more information about technical SEO, our SEO course will lead you through all the aspects of advance technical SEO with 100% Job placement guarantee.

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